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Community Club Meetings are held on 2nd Wednesday of the Month at Walnut Grove Elementary School

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4-H is a country-wide youth organization that originated as a agricultural "Project" but now encompasses everything Projectscan be very simple or very elaborate depending on the project leader. A simple Project would take 8 to 10 total hours and this could include the Project leaders prep time. You might have 10 one hour project meetings or you may have 2, Five hour meeting. They might be every other Tuesday or once a month. The project leader can decide what schedule they would like to have as well as the number of project members included. The project leader can also set age requirments for thier Project. The larger Projects might be the Animal Projects and could take over 100 hours for the Project member. Many of the larger Projects (not exclusively) culminate in some entry in the Alameda County Fair which may be judged against thier peers or just displayed for recognition. You can browse our current project list to see what Abbie 4-H has to offer. But what is great about 4-H and the volunteers is a Project can be almost anything you can imagine. If you know an adult who has a skill or talent you think would make a great Project that is all it takes.......


4-H History

The 4-H Program was founded sometime between 1900 and 1910 to provide local educational clubs for rural youth from ages 9 to 19. It was designed to teach better home economics and agricultural techniques and to foster character development and good citizenship. The program, administered by the Cooperative Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, state land-grant universities, and county governments, emphasizes projects that improve the four H's: head, heart, hands, and health.


4-H Leadership

The 4-H clubs are led by the youth members. The adults support the club in an advisory role. 4-H teaches leadership by allowing the youth to lead the monthly meetings and to make the decisions of the club. Each 4-H club have youth officers which are ultimately responsible for the well being of the club.